Planning to have a Staycation this year? If so, we have you covered!

What is a Staycation?

For those who don't know, a Staycation is the act of taking a holiday at home or in your home country, exploring areas accessible to you within a few hours by foot, bike, train, car or bus.

What kind of footwear should you buy for a Staycation?

Well, that depends on what you plan on doing! There are lots of stunning locations you could visit, maybe walking the streets of a local village. Or perhaps you prefer to relax on a sandy beach nearby. That's all up to you!

The one thing to be mindful of, is the weather (especially in the UK). It can change from being sunny one minute to stormy the next. However, here at Top Brand Shoes have all the shoes, trainers, sandals and flip-flops for your Staycation needs no matter the weather!

Footwear for the sunny days🌞

For the clear hot sunny days, we have the perfect range of footwear you'll need all from the best of brands.


Of course for the hottest day's a pair of shoes may not be ideal. We have a wide range of sandals to choose from. Including sandals from:

Birkenstock, Hush Puppies, Ugg, BlowfishHavaianas and more.

Birkenstock Sandals


For those sandy walks along the beach, we also have many flip-flops to choose from. Including flip-flops from:

Rocket DogHavaianas, Guess, FitFlop, Ugg and more.

Rocket Dog New arrivals


Whatever you may be up to on your Staycation, we have the best brand shoes for you ! Including shoes from brands like:

Toms, Hey Dude, Lacoste, Hush Puppies and more.

Toms Shoes

Footwear for the overcast days🌧

Its always good to be prepared for windy, rainy weather. We have some shoes and boots that will keep both your feet dry at all times! Also great for long walks.

Wellington Boots

Wet weather can always be conquered in a pair of wellington boots and we have some of the best. Check out our wellies from brands such as:

Hunter, Amblers and Muck.

Hunter Wellies

Boots/Ankle Boots

Have many boots to choose from great for walks and exploring the outdoors. Check out our range from brands such as:

Timberland, Amblers, Muck, Blundstone and others.

Timberland Boots