6 Types of Dad and What Shoes To Get Them This Fathers day! 

Every father is unique however, some do share the common role of being the strength and support for the family. We know it's difficult to decide what gift to get your Dad for Fathers day, so we have delved deeper into some of the different types of Dad known across the world and the products most suited to them.

What role suits your Dad the most...

1. The outdoorsy Dad

The outdoorsy dad

The Dad that loves to take you on a family outing every now and then, life is all about being with family for this Dad. He may often be looking at his map and planning the next route of the adventure. 

Here are the best brands for the outdoorsy dad...

Timberland, Birkenstock.

2. The sporty Dad

Sporty dad

The Dad that likes to stay fit and active, either running, going to the gym or playing sports. He like to stay fit for the family and tries to get you to do the same.

We have some great sport shoe brands at Top Brand Style, here are a few...

Adidas, Etnies, Lacoste, K-Swiss, Sketchers.

3. The classy Dad

classy dad

The Dad that likes to dress dapper for almost all occasions. He likes to be seen as an important figure within the family and wears only the best.

We have some classy shoes from some excellent brands such as...

Base London, London Brogues, Blundstone, Hush Puppies.

4. The cool Dad

cool dad

The Dad that is still kind of "with-it", trying to live life like as he did in his teenage years. He is doing his best to be the Dad you want him to be, fun to be around and a cool guy!

These are some brands that provide some 'cool' style shoes and trainers...

Vans, DC, Etnies, K-Swiss, Osiris.

5. The DIY Dad

diy dad

The Dad that is always busy doing hard work, with a trusty pencil behind his ear and a toolbox by his side, either fixing something or building something. This Dad can do it all and will show you how it's done. 

We have many protective boots for all kinds of DIY work from Amblers and Caterpillar.

6. The smart casual Dad

smart casual dad

The Dad that likes to dress in comfortable but sensible attire, not overdoing or underdoing it. This Dad likes to dress right for the occasion and tries their best to look like themselves. A fashionable choice that always works and looks great! 

We have many shoes perfect for this type of Dad from brands such as...

Tommy Hilfiger, Toms, Vans, Hey Dude, Calvin Klein, Converse, Levi's, Hummel and more...