Fly London Purple Salv Ankle Boots with white background and text which says "how to style different ankle boots"

As we move through winter, there are generally a lot of questions that start to arise about ankle boots. People wonder how to wear them, what not to wear with them and if they are suitable for work? At Top Brand Style we have a large variety of different types, from heeled ankle boots, to flat, cut out styles, wedge boots and the list goes on. With many many different styles this means there is a multitude of different ways to style and wear them, so they are much easier to style together than you would have thought.

Explore our selection of ankle boots from many great brands including Fly London, Muck Boots, Timberland and others. You are almost guaranteed to find a pair of ankle boots that will match your personality and your wardrobe. Here are a few tips on how to wear different brands of ankle boots and how to choose which ones work for you.

Choosing ankle boots

Ankle boots are flat or heeled boots that end somewhere around the ankle. Some styles hit the bottom of the ankle, others hit just above and some have a little cut out around the ankle area. Ankle boots suit a lot of people but to pull off the look successfully you have to find the style that suits your body type and personal style of fashion. So with the right style and colour of boot, they’ll look great with any outfit.

When buying woman's ankle boots, you first need to find out which type of boots suit your body type best so you are able to nail the one pair that’ll look great for you. Here’s a little insight into what boots work best for different body types/shapes..

– If your body is a pear shape, wedge or heel boots will usually work best because it will prevent the attention from being drawn downwards.

– If your body is a inverted triangle shape (wider shoulders and slimmer hips), you want to draw the attention away from your upper body and down to your legs. A way of doing this is by wearing brightly coloured or embellished boots.

– With a rectangle shape body type, you want to add curves, any boots that have a lot of detail are the best choice.

– Bright coloured boots that are embellished work best for an apple shaped body. 

Ankle boots and what to wear with them

We have a large collection of ankle boots to available to choose from at Top Brand Style. Let us show you some of our favourite boots that we currently stock and what outfits we recommend pairing them with.

Muck Boots MB Liberty Wedge Ladies Leather Boots

These wedge boots from Muck work look perfect for winter and are available in two colourways; tan and dark red. The tan these boots look great when paired with slim fit or skinny denim jeans, especially light wash jeans. We also recommend wearing wool winter socks with these boots as they compliment the winter style.

In red, these boots again look great with slim or skinny fit denim jeans but a darker wash makes the boots stand out slightly more. These are great if you feel like giving yourself a little more height for your frame. And we are in love with the design of them!

Fly London Salv Leather Women's Ankle Boots

The Fly London Salv is ideal for everyday use, with a slight wedge heel which allows for a bit more height and a chunky outsole and cleated grips. Fly London is an ever popular brand thanks to their fantastic and unique designs as well as their really high quality materials. 

These boots are available in many different colours allowing a lot of ways to style your outfit. They look great worn with a pair of jeans or in a with a dress but also work well with a lot of other options. These boots are great to wear for work particularly if you work somewhere like an office.

Blowfish Malibu Ratlif Shearling Taupe Woman's Ankle Boots

Woman standing in Blowfish malibu ratlif ankle boots

The Blowfish Malibu Ratlif boots feature trendy straps with buckles, a fur lining to keep you feet warm during winter finished with solid hard wearing sole. They are a must-have pair of boots for winter. They are also Vegan-friendly!

These boots stop quite a bit above the ankle but are still short enough to be considered as ankle boots. Wearing loose fit jeans or rolled up jeans is best when wearing these boots and the same goes with most other Blowfish ankle boots. However they still look great no matter what legwear you decide to wear.

Rocket Dog Black Mint Pull On Boots

Woman standing in Rocket dog black mint ankle boots with a red background

The Rocket Dog Mint is a cute ankle boot with ankle strap, fabric dart and loop on the back, perfect for everyday wear. A great essential for your wardrobe that your feet will adore.

These boots look best when paired with skinny fit jeans or trousers because these ankle boots feature a slightly wider collar which allow room for more flexibility and space for jeans or trousers to be tucked in. 


As long as you feel comfortable and confident in what your wearing, you can pull almost anything off. Ankle boots are seen as a hard item to style, however there are so many different styles available, it makes finding some that work for you far easier than you might think it should be! Find the boots you like, in a colour you like and create outfits using this blog post for inspiration. Once you're dressed in style, we know you will be rocking the look of your boots!

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